About Kiel

The lively city on the bight

Take some time to explore our lively city on the bight. We are happy to put together a program for your private weekend trip – from A for angling to O for opera and S for sailing.
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Many activities and attractions

Kiel – known for its annual Kieler Woche and the local water sports – has many activities and attractions to offer for both short and long visits. Besides shopping downtown there are nice restaurants you can visit along the bight, such as the “Blauer Englel” near the Hoern Bridge or the “Louf” at the Reventlou Bridge. Take a walk along the “Kiellinie”, the strip on the west side of the bight, and the adjacent Hindenburg shore. The new cruise ship terminal at the beginning of the Kiellinie close to the art gallery gives a good view of the large “Poette”, which sail the 7 world oceans. If you travel further north along the Kiel Bight you will pass the Camp 24/7 which offers many activities for children, such as sailing.

You can find evening relaxation at many bars and restaurants in the Holtenauer Street or at the Alter Markt (the old market) in the center of downtown Kiel. For upscale culinary delights we recommend the Kieler Kaufmann or the Kiel yacht club.

Conclusion – Kiel offers possibilities for every taste and (almost) every interest.