Louisiana Bar

The bar is currently closed due to the COVID19 crisis, drinks are available at the reception

The Kiel bight is only 5 minutes away. We have many tips for culinary trips and would be happy to welcome you in our Louisiana Bar on weekday evenings.

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday 19:00 pm to 23:00 pm
Happy hour: 19:00 pm to 20:00 pm

Our hotel bar in Louisiana style offers comfort for a pleasant stay, during the Happy Hour between 7 to 8 p.m.  there are many drinks at half price,

the large flat screen makes watching sports a visual experience. We are pleased to welcome you in the evening in our bar Louisiana from Monday til thursday!

Out of opening hours you can get Drinks at the reception.

Pricelist Louisiana Bar (more …)

BeverageAmountPrices in EURO
Orange jucie0,2 l2,00 €
Apple juice0,2 l2,00 €
Cherry juice0,2 l2,00 €
Banana nectar0,2 l2,00 €
Cherry & banana nectar0,4 l4,00 €
juice with sparkling water0,4 l4,00 €
Non-alcoholic beverages
Mineral water0,25 l1,50 €
Mineral water0,75 l3,50 €
Coca-Cola0,2 l2,00 €
Sprite0,2 l2,00 €
Spezi0,4 l3,80 €
Schweppes Tonic Water0,2 l2,30 €
Schweppes Bitter Lemon0,2 l2,30 €
KÖNIG PILSENER (on draught)0,3 l2,50 €
DUCKSTEIN (on draught)0,3 l2,50 €
Warsteiner (bottle)0,3 l2,50 €
Hefe-Weizen (bottle)0,5 l3,50 €
Clausthaler (bottle)0,33 l2,50 €
Wine and Sparkling Winet
Müller-Thurgau0,25 l4,00 €
Riesling Classic0,25 l4,00 €
Pinot Grigio0,2 l4,00 €
Grenache-Cinsault0,25 l4,00 €
Sparkling Wine
Piccolo0,2 l5,00 €
Sparkling Wine0,75 l18,00 €
Red Wine
Dornfelder 0,25 l4,00 €
Chabernet0,25 l4,00 €
Merlot0,25 l4,00 €
wine with sparkling water0,2 l3,50 €
Aperitiv’s / Spirits
Jack Daniel's2 cl3,00 €
Jim Beam2 cl3,00 €
Glenfiddich2 cl4,50 €
Ballantine's2 cl3,00 €
Bacardi2 cl3,00 €
Remy Martin2 cl4,00 €
Camus V.S.O.P.2 cl4,50 €
Linie Aquavit2 cl2,50 €
Jubiläums Aquavit2 cl2,50 €
Malteser Aquavit2 cl2,50 €
Oldesloer Doppelkorn2 cl2,00 €
Gin2 cl2,50 €
Wodka2 cl2,50 €
Underberg2 cl2,00 €
Jägermeister2 cl2,50 €
Fernet-Branca2 cl3,00 €
Amaretto2 cl3,50 €
Campari2 cl2,50 €